Field description type properties example enum
cohortContact TBD string NA NA NA
cohortDataTypes TBD array NA NA NA
cohortDesign Cohort type by its design. string NA NA TBD
cohortExclusionCriteria TBD object cohortAgeRange,cohortConditions,cohortGenders,cohortLocations NA NA
cohortId Cohort identifier. For ´study-defined´ or ´beacon-defined´cohorts this field is set by the implementer.For ´user-defined´ this unique identifier could be generated upon the query that defined the cohort,but could be later edited by the user. string NA NA NA
cohortInclusionCriteria None or any number of these criteria can be filled. (For ´beacon-defined´cohorts, cohorts matching the whole dataset wont apply criteria for if cohorts are subsets of Datasets the criteria used todefined them can be added in these fields) object cohortAgeRange,cohortConditions,cohortGenders,cohortLocations NA NA
cohortLicense TBD array NA NA NA
cohortName For ´user-defined´ this field could be generated upon the query, e.g. a value that is a concatenationor some representation of the user query. string NA NA NA
cohortRights TBD array NA NA NA
cohortSize Count of unique Individuals in cohort (individuals meeting criteria for ´user-defined´ cohorts).If not previously known, it could be calculated by counting the individuals in the cohort. integer NA NA NA
cohortType Cohort type by its definition. If a cohort is declared ´study-defined´ or ´beacon-defined´, criteria are to be entered in cohort_inclusion_criteria; if a cohort is declared ‘user-defined'cohort_inclusion_criteria could be automatically populated from the parameters used to perform the query. string NA NA study-defined,beacon-defined,user-defined
collectionEvents TBD array NA NA NA