Field description type properties example enum
DateOfOnset Date of onset/observation of phenotype, in (ISO8601 duration format). string NA P3Y6M4DT12H30M5S NA
Disease Lisf of disease(s) been diagnosed to the individual, defined by diseaseID, age of onset, stage, level of severity, outcome and the presence of family history. object ageOfOnset,diseaseId,familyHistory,levelSeverity,outcome,stage NA NA
Exposure Exposures(s) occurred to or practiced (lifestyle, behavioural exposures) by Individual,defined by exposureID, date and age of onset, dose, schedule and duration. object ageAtExposure,date,exposureID,modifier NA NA
Individual #TBD object datasetId,diseases,ethnicity,exposures,geographicOrigin,individualId,info,interventions,measures,pedigrees,phenotypicFeatures,sex,taxonId,treatments NA NA
Intervention List of intervention(s) been practiced on subject, defined by treatment ID, date and age of onset, dose, schedule and duration. object ageAtIntervention,date,interventionId,modifier NA NA
LevelSeverity Level/severity ontology when and as applicable to phenotype observed. Value from TBD, e.g "mild". string NA severe NA
Measure Measures(s) been taken from Individual, defined by measure ID, date and/or age at measure ment, unit and value. object ageAtMeasure,date,measureId,modifier NA NA
Pedigree Pedigree studie(s) in which the individual is part of. object affectedStatus,numSubjects,pedigreeDisease,pedigreeID,pedigreeRole NA NA
PhenotypicFeature List of phenotypic feature(s) observed in the individual, defined by phenotype, age of onset and level/ severity. object ageOfOnset,dateOfOnset,levelSeverity,onsetType,phenotypeId NA NA
Treatment List of treatment(s) been prescribed/administered to individual, defined by treatment ID), date and age of onset, dose, schedule and duration. object ageAtOnset,dateAtOnset,dose,duration,schedule,treatmentId,treatmentRoute,units NA NA